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Over one hundred years ago, Charles E. Michel, M.D., used a fine wire and a galvanic current to remove in-growing eyelashes, a painful and recurring condition. Since that day in 1875, millions of men and women, plagued by unwanted hair, have benefited from his idea which became known as "Electrolysis". Today, with just a few innovations, Electrolysis continues to be the treatment of choice, and the premier option, for the PERMANENT removal of unwanted hair.

How Electrolysis Works

Electrolysis uses a low level electrical current to remove hair permanently. The current is delivered to the Dermal Papilla (the source of nourishment for the hair located at the base of the follicle) and the productive organ, or matrix, of the hair through a very fine sterilized probe inserted into the follicle, along the hair shaft. Once the current is applied, and the Papilla and the reproductive organ/matrix of the hair are destroyed, no further hair growth will occur. Occasionally, repeated treatments are needed to achieve permanency. However, any hair that does return is thinner and less resilient. Once the Dermal Papilla is completely eliminated, new hair growth from the follicle is impossible. Other methods of hair removal, such as tweezing and waxing, are NOT permanent. Such methods remove the hair from the follicle, but DO NOT destroy the life source of the hair. Therefore, hair re-growth is certain.

The Three Methods Of Electrolysis

There are three methods of Electrolysis: THERMOLYSIS, GALVANIC, and BLEND.

THERMOLYSIS is a high-frequency current, or radio wave. When it comes in contact with moisture in the hair follicle, the current generates a low-level heat which cauterizes and destroys the life source for the hair.

GALVANIC current converts normal body salt and fluids in the hair follicle into a chemical capable of destroying the Dermal Papilla and Matrix.

BLEND is a combination of both electrical currents. It combines the quickness of Thermolysis with the permanency of Galvanic current.

We select the appropriate type of current for the patient after analyzing the skin, texture, moisture gradient (i.e., dry or moist),hair type, and client sensitivity. With these options available, your treatment can be customized for maximum comfort, swiftness, and, most importantly, permanency.

Causes of Unwanted Hair

If you are embarrassed by unwanted hair, you are not alone! As many as ninety percent of all men and women may be affected to some degree. Heredity and hormonal changes are important factors which contribute to hair growth. Sometimes hormone levels are normal, but the hair follicles may be particularly sensitive to androgens.

Electrolysis Treatment Programs

Our treatment programs are tailored to each individual patient's needs. Many factors determine the number and the length of treatments required. Some of these factors may include the condition of the skin to be treated, the sensitivity of the skin, and the number of follicles involved.

Even past methods of hair removal can impact treatment. Many other hair removal methods provide only temporary relief of the problem of unwanted hair. Tweezing and waxing often exacerbate the condition by distorting the hair root, causing ingrown hairs and trauma to the skin.

After Treatment Care

Electrolysis continues to be a safe and effective method of permanent hair removal. It is perfectly normal for some slight reddening and/or swelling to occur in the treatment area. This usually subsides quickly.

We recommend the use of an antibiotic cream or antiseptic lotion to enhance the healing process. Cosmetics should not be used for the first 24 hours after treatment. Sunlight and tanning beds deserve special consideration, and should be discussed with your Electrologist.

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